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More bedroom chairs

Posted on by keith

Again thank you for reading Bedroom chairs revisited. Actually, not just reading but emailing me with your ideas of bedroom chairs. Design a chair would also apologise to those who wanted a funky chair the same as the Hollywood image. The woodwork on that sort of occasional chair needs a woodcraftsman rarely found. If the chair is mass produced, which I doubt, then once the jigs are set up they can roll off the line as quick as the order book demands.
So here are a few bedroom chair ideas sent in by you good readers. Thanks to Amanda from Maidenhead for the first one.

This is described as a French slipper chair from the fifties. A very elegant bedroom chair which had a very specific purpose. They were designed for Victorian ladies as an armless chair to sit whilst putting on their shoes and stockings (slippers). The low seat with no arms made the operation much easier with the big dresses of the day.
Thanks now to Pat from Watford who just bought this bedroom chair for her teenage son.

Wow! how I would have loved that bedroom chair when I was a teenager. I think we could truely call that a funky bedroom chair which Pat tells me is very comfortable. With teenagers of my own I see wipe clean. However it is made with Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene or better known as ABS plastic. Similar to polythene it is perfect for a teenager bedroom chair, but don’t put it near the window Pat! ABS deteriorates in sunlight and was the cause of the biggest motor car recall in US history.
Jack from Oxford, what sort of bedroom chair is this?

Typical bloke’s choice. It looks like a torture chair. Actually, Design a Chair has been asked to make a bondage chair –no problem.
Keep sending your ideas for bedroom chairs and funky chairs and we’ll keep posting them.